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Dare to Dad is a new initiative targeted at dads with the objective of helping them regain their role as leaders in their families. Founded by DJ and Lisa Rezac, this initiative leverages skills the Rezacs acquired in raising their five children, which includes two sets of twins. Dare to Dad helps dads engage in family leadership through a process of defining the family’s core values and a series of family activities which promote fun and togetherness.



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  • Be Kind To Yourself. Others Are Counting On It.

    Lisa and I went to a fundraiser for our school district. Our community’s intention this year is to #BeKind. I started to think… what did that mean to me as an adult? And as a leader in this community? How could I…

  • Do We Have To Be Friends With Everybody?

    Lisa’s mom made her invite EVERYONE to her grade school birthday parties. That’s just the way it was… but as Lisa and I talked about raising our kids, we asked, do our kids HAVE to be friends with everyone? What we came…

  • Have You Given Up On Your Dreams?

    When you were little, what did you dream about? I ask my coaching clients this question and you would be surprised to hear that almost always, a handful of them don’t answer. Why? Who knows… maybe they forgot, or they’re too embarrassed…