Dare to Dad.

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Dare to Dad.

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Dare to Dad.

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DJ Rezac Dare to Dad Speaking Engagement
KEYNOTE: “Creating Family Ties—
The Dare to Dad Challenge”
In today’s time-challenged world, family togetherness doesn’t just happen. It takes work. But that work can be also be a lot of fun. As a successful entrepreneur and father of five, keynote speaker and facilitator DJ Rezac has honed a skill set that speaks directly to parents at the place where career and family meet. His insight and techniques open up new possibilities for winning both places, creating work/life balance and strengthening family ties through the power of participation.


“It was like a weight had been lifted from us. He left us flying high. I would highly recommend him—the best facilitator we’ve had to date.”
Jason James, Co-Owner and Broker, Heartland Properties

(9.5 OUT OF 10)

A Powerful Trio

Dare to Dad book series is packed with information, insight and ideas for helping your family get on the same page.

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